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Wednesday nights are bible study nights. This is where we really learn. We get to discuss different views, not always is everyone in agreement on how verses are preceived. You can discuss your view as well as other views and hopefully come to an agreement but if not that is fine also, it is all studied in love. We are currently studying from the book of John. Hopefully this will help you better understand the bible. Remember this is written by John and is a biography of Jesus' life. We would love to hear your feedback or just add your prayer request to ours. Just follow the link below!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
John 4:1-36

Many think that Jesus went around baptizing others but Jesus actually baptized no one but his deciples.

Remember that Jesus is Jewish and the Pharasees hated the Jews they were the ones telling others that Jesus was doing these things.

Jesus went into Samaria, which was Pharasee land, while he was there he crossed Jacobs land and Jacob's land had a well on it. Jesus was tired from his journey so he rested near the well. A woman came along that people did not speak to for she was a woman of undesirable reputation.
Jesus noticed the woman and ask her for a drink of water. She ask in return why Jesus was speaking to her...first she was a Samerian-and the Jews and Samerians hated each other, second she had a bad reputation and others would not talk to her so why was he? The women replied to Jesus that she had no way of getting the water for the well was deep.

Jesus answered and said unto her, "If thou kneest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water." John 4:10

Jesus told the women at the well that she was worshiping but she was not worshiping God she was worshiping needlessly. He explained that God was a spirit and that he was everywhere and saw everything. He told her that she had to worship God in spirit and in truth and now was the time to truely worship the Lord.

The women replied that she knew the Christ was coming and when he came he would reveal everything.
Jesus replied "I that speak unto thee am he."

Jesus was trying to tell the women at the well that if we confess our sins to God he will forgive us of our sins and remember them no more. He explains that a Spirit is something you can not see, hear, taste, or physically feel but it is something that you feel in your soul---in your heart---in your inner being.
Jesus tries to explain that repentance is saying I'm sorry that I have done the evil things in my life and truely asking for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. Trying hard not to repeat the same sins again.

The deciples were in awe that Jesus was talking to the women with such a bad reputation. But they did not bother to ask him why he was talking to her only came to their own conclusions just as you and I do in our lives when we see a so called Christian talking to someone that we do not think they should be associated with. it is human nature to think the worst of someone but it is Godly nature to think the best of that person. Remember everyone is a sinner saved by grace!

The women at the well went into the city after Jesus had quit talking to her and told the men of the city that she had spoken to a man that knew all about her and told her things that she done that others could not know. She told them that he had to be the Christ and to come with her and see for themselves. They did come with her and Jesus started speaking to them also much to his deciples destress. They wanted him to rest and eat but he informed them he was about his Fathers business.

Jesus explains to us in these verses that we are to be about our Father's business also. Some of us are to be the sowers of the seed--those that tell others about Jesus, and others are to be the reapers--those that bring them to Christ. It does not matter what the person has done in his/her past it is what they do after they accept Jesus into their hearts. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. no matter if the person is the biggest town drunk, killer, drug addict or what, God can change their lives eternally through repentance.